My Musical Aptitude

My mother noticed that on a July 26th (Independence Day of Maldives) celebrations, I started kicking a lot while in her womb, reacting to some music to a dance by some kids. Later, when ‘Knock Three Times‘ (by Tony Orlando & Dawn) was played at home on the radiogram, I would kick more than usual. She had noticed this correlation then. At that time, she had never read about this phenomenon. However, recent experiments show that babies in the womb do react well to music.

For my 1st or 2nd Birthday, I received a gift – a harmonica, which I would learn to play in the next year.

A couple of years later when I was about three years of age, my Dad drummed a ‘bodu beru’ beat on the dinning table and I repeated it.

Also about this time, I was already playing the harmonica all by ear. I would pick up some tunes that I hear over the radio. I do remember that in one of the tunes, I was not playing it correctly. Then I did not know what the problem was. Later I would find out that the harmonica was in C Major diatonic – with no sharps or flats. So I couldn’t just get that note right.

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