Blasterz was our school band. We started off very young and in the band were very talented guys, musically. We received tremendous support from our school, our seniors, professionals, and even the media at that time. The fact that very young kids had a school band was considered phenomenal then.

The line-up consisted of Nimal (vocals & guitar), Ibrahim Amir (drums), Mondhu (rhythm guitar), Abdulla Nihad (bass) and myself (keyboards). I and most others were in Grade 6 (Majeediyya School) at that time.

We practiced in school (when a room was available); at our homes and in jam studios. The jam studios those days cost only MRf 10/= (Maldivian Rufiyaa, Ten) per hour! It may sound really cheap now but, I remember having to wait for about a week when each could chip in just MRf 2/= to make a total of MRf 10/=. Most of the time we would bunk in someone’s home or at school.

The Blasterz played in the annual school concerts and practically anywhere where we were welcome. The band made its first TV appearance in 1984 on MiniPops by TVM (Television Maldives) which portrayed three bands in school at that time – Allied Forces, Blasterz and Pluto.

Blasterz also performed at ‘Rainbow’ – the first ever Youth Concert held in Maldives, which portrayed different talents of artists across the country.

Three out of the five band members successfully made it to the commercial music scene in the Maldives, later.

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