How I picked up Bass

To my recollection we played at Rangirige with Ibrahim Amir (Drums), Nimal (Vocals & Guitar), Sunil (Vocals & Guitar), Mondhu (Guitar) and a couple of others alternating. I was Forteen years old at that time. This was episode one.

Episode two started about two years later when, Ibrahim Amir, Sameeu, Ziya & I started jamming in my sitting room. Even then I was on keyboards first. We were working on our original compositions – mostly composed together by jamming together to incorporate everyone’s input.

Then, Ziya who was initially on bass, switched to guitar. So, I picked up his bass, which was a Westone Fretless with both active and passive modes. In the end, that was our line up. From then on, I have been playing bass. Having had to start on a fretless unknowingly improved my finger technique and also my intonation, which I would discover later.

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