Hilton Opening: Sound & Lights

While I was on a semester break – due to the smog in South-East Asia, I came across an interesting project – Hilton Maldives’ (at Rangali Island) opening ceremony.

Via a mutual I came into contact with Edgar, who was the F&B Manager there. Hilton had planned a very visual and exciting opening ceremony but had problems sourcing resources and professional services to be subcontracted. One such area was the sound reinforcement for the opening ceremony.

Sound had to be reinforced at three different locations in the island of Rangali: At the Jetty where all the VVIPs would arrive; at the lobby where the official ceremony would be held and at the band stand, where Zero Degree Atoll and Amazon Jade were to play.

After initial discussions with the team of Island Music (more know as Audio Power then, which was the rentals unit), we proceeded ahead with the project.

A four person team headed off to Hilton Maldives a couple of days ahead. All the equipment had to be transported from Male’ to Rangali via sea. It called for a very large supply dhoni (craft) made available from Hilton. My responsibility was the management of the sound project, while Azim was responsible for the technicalities. The team included Sappey (to double as a DJ) and Dhonaa.

Live / Tour Sound Company: Island Music, Maldives.

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