Wataniya Launch: Sound Re-inforcement Project

WoW_soundpass.jpgThe Wataniya (Maldives) official launching ceremony was marked by “WOW!” – a concert organized by Artline Maldives. This concert was hosted by MTV’s VJ Nikhil. The concert featured top local bands like Amazon Jade, Mezzo, Sultans, and dances by Theatre Mirage. In addition to that, a laser-show was performed by a team from Singapore. It was held on the 5th of August 2005 in Alimas Carnival at 21:30hrs.  

As the VVIPs would be seated on the 3rd floor at the extreme opposite end from the stage, an elevated delayed stack had to be used to maintain an acceptable level of sound for the audience as well as the VVIP guests. As this was a free-entrance concert, a large audience turn-out was expected from the beginning. The last estimates put the audience number at approximately Nine Thousand.

Hence, I was invited by Island Music to come up with a solution. The signal flow, gears used, caliberation of the systems and sound design were given maximum priority. At the time of this event, this would be the biggest commercial sound reinforcement project of its kind in this little Male’. This would also be the first time an effectively functioning delayed stack was used in a concert in Maldives.

Alimas Carnival officials put the audience count at approximately 10,000 (Ten Thousand). It certainly was the biggest product launch of its kind.

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