Writing Dhivehi in Windows XP

I thought that this was a very interesting development. Already I’m seeing country and language specific web sites spring up. Some sites are browser specific though.

One of the most interesting applications that I see is the power of emailing in Dhivehi. Wouldn’t it be interesting and easy if I could do official communications, such writing to the Municipality via email?


Do enable Dhivehi, you will have to install multi-lingual support for windows.

1. Open REGIONAL & LANGUAGE OPTIONS from the Control Panel


2. Select the LANGUAGE tab. Make sure that you have checked the “Install files for complex scripts…” check box.
3. Click the DETAILS button

4. from TEXT SERVICES AND INPUT LANGUAGES window in SETTINGS TAB, click the ADD button


5. from the INPUT LANGUAGE drop box, select Divehi

There are two optional keyboard layouts ie, the Dhivehi typewriter and the Dhivehi phonetic. I personally prefer the phonetic.

I gather that some users don’t find Divehi in there INPUT LANGUAGE drop box… any ideas as to why?

Published by Fayid

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