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FASY_performer_pass.jpgFaseeh called me sometime in the November of 2005 and asked me if I could play some bass for him for his up coming concert. Initially, I was reluctant as I have been very out of touch as I haven’t played my bass regularly for a very long time – something like 6 years or so. However, after some discussion, he persuaded me into it. With some further discussion as for the timing of the concert, we set the date for 16th February 2006 some time in November 2005.

We scheduled to meet sometime in January. When Faseeh arrived in Male’, I was travelling. When I came back, they had a gig in Colombo. We finally started practing sometime after January 23rd of 2006. We were actually very short of time. Again, Fasy had to play in Emergenza (London) event and we had to break practice during second week of February. We generally practiced during afternoons only and I doubt if we ever got to practice for even two weeks.

Later on, I found out that I had to tune up the master sound as well. How could I deny? 😉

So, there we went and set it up. Ikram was to be in charge of the bands’ sound. Fasy Live Production Team (FLPT); I think I gave them this name!; hired the sound and crew from Island Music and its team included Hambe, Shaam, Imbo, Ajith, Heymapala, Hassaan and others. Ahad was our Guitar Technician responsible for taking care of our instruments.

Finally we were rocking! Gianscore opened the night and we could already hear the screaming audience from back stage. It was a disappointment that when we went on stage when, we saw quite of a lot of empty seats. I felt this sentiment with Faseeh especially – it wasn’t him at first – it showed. My personal opinion is that the seats were a bit too pricy for the fans.

So, where did the screams come from? Only later did we realize that the majority of the audiences were standing outside the seating area and we couldn’t really see them because it was dim.

Fayid playing for FASY LIVE 16th FEB 06
Fayid on BassFayid on BassFayid on Bass
This is the usual me on stage – eyes closed with my bass. I don’t do it on purpose – it just happens and that’s me when everything’s fine. I guess I hear better like this.

Fayid playing for FASY LIVE 16th FEB 06
Fayid playing for FASY LIVE 16th FEB 06

It was only towards the end of the show that the audiences crashed in front of the stage that we could see them. From then on it was entirely different. We could really communicate with their emotions from then on.

All in all, I think it was a good concert. I personally got quite a lot of well wishes from a lot of people following the concert. I know for a fact that the others did too. This show captivated the audience from the beginning to the end. Faseeh’s guitar was very well delivered along with his compositions; Ibbe gave one of the best drum solos that I’ve heard by a Maldivian drummer; and Ayya gave his rock touch through his bass lines.

I enjoyed every moment of it, from the planning to the show itself.

All pictures used with permission. Copyright Fasy.

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