Fasy’s DVD Launch Sound Reinforcement

FASY_DVDlaunch_pass_front.jpgFasy released their DVD of their concert in an event held on the 14th of May 2006 at 21:45hrs in Studio 3, TVM.

They approached me to engineer the sound. They rented the gear from Island Music and Hambe hooked up the system. The live in-house audience had a capacity of 500 pax. However, a part of the event was telecasted live on national television starting from 22:30hrs.

Initially we planned to have 2 seperate mixes – one for the in-house sound and one for the live broadcast. However, due to logistical difficulties, it was later decided that we would have the same mixes for both.

Hence, we pinked the venue for a flat response; tuned up the master sound and came up with a balanced mix that would work for both the requirements. Without additional post processing the TV mix sound very raw but, there was no way to monitor the MIXed signal except from the master control room located some distance away.

FASY_DVDlaunch_pass_back.jpgTo sum it up, it was a good event. Certainly the audience present in-house enjoyed it and would have had a good dose of decent sound. Last but not least, the band liked it.

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