Bohemian Rainbow Concert Sound Reinforcement

Rainbow_soundpass.jpgThe Bohemian Rainbow Concert was held on the 2nd of June 2006 in Olympus Stage at 20:00hrs. It featured a talented array of young musicians along with some impressive guest performers.

The master sound was tuned one day prior in the morning leaving the rest of the day and night for the bands’ sound checks. As many individual artistes and different line-ups performed, a sound check had to be done for all. Some extra time was spent on giving newer artistes to get accustomed to the acoustics of the venue.

Bands’ sound checks were frequently stalled by the fact that classes were ongoing in some adjecent rooms. It had been an oversight on the part of the administrators of the venue to lease the venue for preparations (including soundchecks) while classes were on. Though with frequent delays and added soundchecks in the afternoon of the event day, the show went according to plan without any major glitches.

The overall sound was good and the audience was treated with a loud repertoire.

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