Sound Reinforcement for YES Campaign’s show

The YES Campaign’s music show was held in Dharumavantha School on the 24th and 25th November 2006.

At the planning meeting, I requested for the input lists of the bands via email and got sketchy details prior to the event. The weather was bad and there were massive delays in the work flow as the stage was not completed on time. The bands had access to the stage, just a couple of hours before the event and the sound check was called off at the last-minute, at the request of the organizers. It seems that the exhibitors complained about the loud sound.

Nevertheless, since the system was tuned up one day prior (a margin we have learnt to leave for such instances), a basic sound check was possible for the soft-music bands. As for the louder-bands, a proper sound check was not just possible while the system was on lower volumes.

The event stated on time and most of the bands did a very good job indeed. Since without a proper sound check, I had a really busy time at the mixing desk during the event.

Live / Tour Sound Company: Island Music.
Team: Hambe, Shaam, Kudoo and I

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