Sound Reinforcement – Anchor Milk Promotion

Sound reinforcement for this project required that the sound be not too loud but listenable and was designed only for the seating area of the Alimas Ufaa Carnival stage. One band – Amazon Jade, dance troops and an aerobics performance from Heat was on stage.

After setting and tuning up the master sound, Heat’s aerobics team had a rehearsal. After that it was the band’s sound check. There were no rehearsals for any dance troops.

Sound wise, most play back tracks for the dance troops were of poor mix and mastering quality except for Heat’s. Most had the undeniable amateurish signature of highs and lows pushed up, perhaps all the way the EQ went up! Perhaps it sounded good on their home stereos, but on a properly caliberated sound stack, this makes it weak.

As for the band, incorrect dynamics of instruments during performance, made my job harder. I had to balance and rebalance continuously. Tightness was their second problem. When they performed certain songs “tightly”, they had good sound. But the not-so-tight and poorly arranged songs lacked punch.

Live / Tour Sound Company: Island Music, Maldives.
Team: Hambe and I

  • that sounds like a common problem in Maldivian music shows dhoa..maybe its lack in knowledge of most Maldivian artists or maybe lack of collaboration between sound team and the band or maybe either team don’t want to or maybe the lack of time for people to get ready.. there can be loads and loads of reasons/possibilities..if we would stop blaming and start focusing on finding a solution for this problem i think we might see a light!! either way i believe when this problem can be settled it would be noted as a great accomplishment in Maldivian music!!..After all live performance is what we all count for!!
    The fact that people like you work to improve this industry,in my view, is the one strong hope that we have 🙂