Sound Reinforcement for Jamming for the Islands

jammingfortheislands.jpgJamming for the Islands was a concert organized to coincide with the worldwide Live Earth event held on 7th July 2007. A total of thirteen bands performed including Shiuz, Out-of-Doors, Ignorant Acoustics, 1984, 7th Floor, Amazon Jade, Zero Degree Atoll, Clef Band, Traphic Jam, Anil, Damned, Nothnegal.

It was no easy task doing sound for this many bands and I wished the bands had their own mixing engineers with them. Sound checks were spread over three days with a two hour slot per band in between prayer times. The ever increasing need for independent monitor mixing culminated at this event, when this many bands had to perform on one stage with a three minute gap, on virtually one setup.

The event was broadcast live on national TV and web cast for a brief time.

Live / Tour Sound Company: Island Music, Maldives.
Team: Hambe, Ahmed, Basid and I

Published by Fayid

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