Meeting on Regulation on Copyright 2007

I was invited to participate in a focus group, to give input and feedback on the proposed Regulation on Copyright 2007, by the National Bureau of Classification, under the Ministry of Information. On the whole, there was general consensus that the draft was satisfactory except for a few considerations. As of this writing, the draft has not been made public and hence, I cannot publish its contents as yet.

We were briefed by the expert working for the ministry that, this draft contained only minimal standards for the implementation of copyright regulations. In my humble opinion, implementing the minimal standards would be beneficial for further development of copyright regulations and legislature. That said, a number of other areas would also have to be co-developed for it to function as per expectations. Eventually, it would have to be in line with international standards, while being adaptive enough to accommodate its functionality in a localized context.

Although the need for this type of protection is desperately needed, especially in the artistic community, a few understand its workings. There exists a lot of misconceptions on the workings of such a regulation or legislature. Perhaps, it would be highly beneficial for the respective communities to be briefed and educated on the concepts and mechanisms of such an implementation, through workshops or seminars.

The meeting was chaired by the Minister for Information, Hon. Mohamed Nasheed and attended by Mr. Hilmy (NBC) Mr. (Badhuru) Naseer (CEO, VOM), Mr. Ali Khalid (CEO, TVM), Mr. Mamduh Waheed (NAG), Dhari (MNDF), Mr. Sim, Mr. Shammon Hameed (NCA), T-Shirt Printer, a poet and I. (Sorry, I don’t have some of the names or if I’ve missed any.)

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