Speech / Presentation Sound: Canon Product Launch

Canon via its distributor Simdi, officially launched their digital printers and cameras at an event held at Dharubaaruge on 30th October 2007. The event basically called for a speech and presentation level of sound, followed by a live DJ for lounge music. The event was organized by Think.

The official ceremony went well. However, I was quite surprised by the very low turn out from the public. Perhaps they were not well informed. However, I did notice a couple of photo enthusiasts and professionals from the neighboring photo exhibition held there.

Circumstances lead to a unexpected surprise for me. After the preperations the day before, as usual, I walked in ahead of time ready for the event. Suddenly Adhley and Sinan calls me and tells me that the MC has called in sick and if I could be the MC! I told them that MCing was a totally different profession and that I had never been one before and that, that was no my line, hoping that I could laugh it off. It’s only when I reached my phone to hunt for an MC on demand (if there is such a term) that I realised that we had barely ten minutes for the event. To save the day, I obliged just to read some specific lines from behind the scene. Perhaps I could bundle in this service as well huh?! Nah – just kidding.

Live / Tour Sound Company: Island Music, Maldives.
Team: Mueez and I

Published by Fayid

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