Maldives Academic & Holidays Calendars Shared

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Here are two indispensable calendars that I need when I plan my schedules. I consider them to be fundamental as all my schedules (including personal, business, schooling, etc.) usually have to revolve around these dates. Hence, I thought I’d share them.  

Please use them at your own risk as they are provided as is. Do let me know if you find anything in these calendars to be in error. Also, please feel free to share any useful public calendars that you may have shared.

If you have a Gmail account, log-in and just click the Google Calendar button. If you use iCal, just clicking the iCal button and subscribing would be enough. If you use Microsoft Outlook, you may need to copy the URL link by right-clicking on the iCal button and subscribe to remote calendars via the URL.

Maldives Academic Calendar

Maldives Holidays

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