Sound Reinforcement for SPEED

speed2007.jpgSPEED was a product level music concert by Dhiraagu to relaunch their broadband internet packages. Trio, Mezzo and performed from 2030hrs till 0015hrs. The event was organized by Artline.

This was the first time that a proper monitor mixer was used to monitor the sound for the musicians on stage in Maldives, by a local company. We used a SPIRIT Monitor 2 on stage.

Spirit Monitor 2The result was immediately evident – you could see it on their faces! Musicians could here their individual preferred mixes while maintaining the balance on stage via the use of sidefills.

By employing a monitor mixer, I was free from the impossible task of maintaining a stage sound while sitting out in the front. I was totally able to give my 100% to the front sound and it freed up my AUXes for room to get a bit creative with the sound.

Fayid & Mezzo MohamedFayid , Mohamed, Nashid & HambeNashid snapping Mohamed
Mira (daughter) & Mohamed (father)Nashid and his stompsShammoon with his gear

Live / Tour Sound Company: Island Music, Maldives.
Team: Hambe, Kudoo, Seytu, Farish, Muaviath and I

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