Maldives Calendar (2011 update): Holidays, Academic, Awareness Days & Special Days

Here is the Maldives Holidays Calendar updated for 2011. I am also introducing a new calendar for Awareness & Special Days.

As for the Academic Calendar, I will update and post it here once I have some reliable information. Academic Calendar has also been updated for 2011.

Use at own risk. Please read Known Issues before using.

Please leave a comment with some feedback, especially if there are any errors that need to be fixed.

Have a productive 2011!

Maldives Holidays (2011 Update)

Maldives Awareness Days & Special Days (2011 Update)

Source: Calendar 2011 (Novelty Printers & Publishers)

Maldives Academic Calendar (2011 Update)

Source: Academic Calendar (Ministry of Education), as of 22nd December 2011

Update Log

  • 22nd December 2010: Updated Academic Calendar for 2011
  • 23rd December 2010: Fixed bad links in Maldives Holidays Calendar. Thanks to Yasir for spotting.28th April 2011:
  • Added May Day as a public holiday.
  • Fishermen’s Day has been moved from 10th December to 16th October, annually:  Tks to @kudanai for notifying the change.

Known Issues

  • Eid-ul-Fithr and associate holidays, date conflict:
    • Novelty Calendar: 30th August 2011
    • MOE Calendar: 31st August 2011
  • End of Academic Year / End of Term 2:
    • Novelty Calendar: 10th November 2011
    • MOE Calendar: 17th November 2011

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