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Maldives Beach Games Logo Launching Ceremony

Maldives Beach Games – Logo Launching Ceremony, was held on 10th February 2011 in Kulhivaru Ekuveni at 2100. The Chief Guest of the ceremony was Hon. Sanath Jayasuriya who was accompanied by the Vice President of Maldives H. E. Dr. Mohammed Waheed Hassan and Human Resources, Youth & Sports Minister Hon. Hassan Latheef.

The Chief Guest and VIPs were escorted into the venue by Dhammaau bodu-beru troop afterwhich, speeches were given by the Olympic Committee President Mr. Ibrahim Imsail Ali, Hon. Hassan Latheef and a few words by Hon. Sanath Jayasurira. The official launching was symbolized when Longey was lowered onto the stage and blew into a Sangu (Conch Shell), which is a traditional call for attention.

The event included:

  • DJ Umar
  • Bodu-beru by Dhammanu
  • Theatrical & Dance Performances (by Theatre Mirage)
  • Lazer Show curated by Shamin (by Beam On)

Sound Speak

The venue was basically a large cube in which the worst possible acoustics could be expected. The dimensions of the venue gave off detrimental room modes as predicted, especially in the range of the low end of the Bodu-beru.

The surfaces of the sides accentuated detrimental room modes in the upper mid range. Hence, the first thing that I had to do was to tune-up the system within the given limitations, using the trusted dbx DriveRack 4800. No monitoring was required and the FOH Speakers (2 x GRF Tops and 1 Dual-subs per side) were carefully positioned so that it’ll be heard but not give way for feedback loops.

Sound requirements included a necessity for mobility, as the bodu-beru troop was on the move. Hence, it was mic-ed using the FM Headset Mics for vocals, FM Omni-directional mics for bodu-beru and FM handhelds for the chorus group.

The event also called for tight cues including live and played back scenes. For this I had to employ live-situation-mixing techniques, with rehearsed fader rides and timely adjustments, with the help of QLab (cueing software).


Overall it was a great and memorable event without any major technical problems. The performances were great and all the tech teams were immensely driven to outperform and deliver their best – they did and it showed!

Live / Tour Sound Company: Island Music, Maldives.
Team: Hambe, Azmi Jaleel, Kudoo, Mahin, Haleem, Afzal Jaleel and I

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