Mind Mapping: Projected

When you have a group of people in a meeting to brainstorm or resolve a contested issue, only talk could really heat things up, resulting in even further disagreements. Instead, try this!

Here’s a technique that has worked for me: I project a mindmap, using mindmapping software on my laptop, on to a screen.

I start by clearly defining the Main Node in the map. This really helps all in the group to have a focus. I then branch out organically as the meeting progresses. It doesn’t have to be structurally perfect. I Let the structure develop with the meeting as it progresses.

The process that I follow is, to jot down all thoughts first; organize dynamically or later. This helps me to document a lot of information in short period of time. I also tend to branch out a plan of action or possible outcomes of the meeting.

I believe that with a Mind Map, it is much easier to chart out a course, especially when a group is developing something. Lastly, pass a .pdf to the person who is responsible for taking the meeting minutes.

Give a try!  After all, some good ones are free… for yourself, tutors, classrooms and even for the board rooms. I advocate it as a “must have” software for just about anyone, at par with word-processors and spreadsheets.

Some Mind-mapping Software

Free Mind Supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux
XMind Supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux
Mindnode & Mindnode Pro Mac OS, iPhone and iPad


More Resources

  • Mohamed Siyan

    I use “Thinking Space” on my phone. Its a GREAT mind mapping application for the android phones. For me its better that Mindnode. Its free and you can do almost everything you do on Mindnode Pro. You can upgrade it to “Thinking Space Pro” and get even a lot more. But its only a mobile phone application. I couldnt found a pc version of it. Check it out here at https://market.android.com/details?id=net.thinkingspace&hl=en