Mind Mapping: Projected

When you have a group of people in a meeting to brainstorm or resolve a contested issue, only talk could really heat things up, resulting in even further disagreements. Instead, try this!

Here’s a technique that has worked for me: I project a mindmap, using mindmapping software on my laptop, on to a screen.

I start by clearly defining the Main Node in the map. This really helps all in the group to have a focus. I then branch out organically as the meeting progresses. It doesn’t have to be structurally perfect. I Let the structure develop with the meeting as it progresses.

The process that I follow is, to jot down all thoughts first; organize dynamically or later. This helps me to document a lot of information in short period of time. I also tend to branch out a plan of action or possible outcomes of the meeting.

I believe that with a Mind Map, it is much easier to chart out a course, especially when a group is developing something. Lastly, pass a .pdf to the person who is responsible for taking the meeting minutes.

Give a try!  After all, some good ones are free… for yourself, tutors, classrooms and even for the board rooms. I advocate it as a “must have” software for just about anyone, at par with word-processors and spreadsheets.

Some Mind-mapping Software

Free Mind Supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux
XMind Supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux
Mindnode & Mindnode Pro Mac OS, iPhone and iPad


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