Sound Workshop ’11

The Sound Workshop ’11, was held on the 19th, 20th & 21st of September 2011 in the Youth Centre (MCSE).  The event was organized by Alliance française de Male’ and Island Music, in Male’, Maldives.

The Event

The main aim of this event was to exchange knowledge, in related disciplines, via theoretical presentations and hands-on experiences, on what it takes to get a better sound.  The program included detailed presentations, live-demonstrations and opened a great networking opportunity, so that, via this network, knowledge can be shared at a personal level.

It was an intensive 3-day workshop with more than 86 registered participants and an attendance rate over 70 pax per day.  Johann Berby conducted master classes on rhythms, grooves and techniques, while Théo Croix demonstrated sound phenomena live.  

How It Began

I was contacted by Alliance française de Male’ and was briefed that they had a musician and a sound engineer from Paris, who were interested in doing such a workshop in Maldives.  I replied that it was great news and we began our collaboration and started looking for sponsors.

I passed on this information to Island Music, and they jumped in to sponsor the sound gear and crew for this event.  From then on, all the sponsors joined in at our first request and we had all the resources to go ahead with this event, within a week or two.

At the request of some sponsors, Alliance française and Island Music, I obliged to take overall responsibility for the planning and execution of this event.  We had a good cause, and we pulled in a great teams from Alliance française and Island Music for the implementation.  It’s their well-timed and relentless efforts, along with a more than expected wave of enthusiasm from the participants, that we had full-house, 3-4 days prior to the closing of the registrations.

In my opinion, we had a great event, with room for further improvement.  At the time of writing this post, we still have some post-event work to do.  Especially, to study the data from the Feedback Forms so that, we would be able to methodically gauge our performance and the demand for such educational events in the future.

#SW11 Official Organizing Team: Pauline, Andhu (Ahmed A. Majeed), Hambe, Ammi, Afzal, Hassan and I

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