Maldives Calendar (2012 update): Holidays, Academic, Awareness Days & Special Days

The Maldives Holidays, Academic, Awareness & Special days calendars have been updated to include updates for the year 2012.

Please use at own risk and let me know if you notice any issues by commenting below. I will then try to correct them as soon as possible.

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Enjoy and have a productive 2012!

Maldives Holidays (2012 Update)

Maldives Awareness Days & Special Days (2012 Update)

Source: Calendar 2012 (Novelty Printers & Publishers)

Maldives Academic Calendar (2012 Update)

Source: Academic Calendar (Ministry of Education), as of 28th December 2011

Update Log

  • Day to mark ‘Maldives Embracement to Islam’ – Moved from 24th February 2012 to 26th February 2012 “because the anniversary of the Day the Maldives Embraced Islam falls on a weekend.” – Source 
  • 1st March 2012 declared as a holiday: First Sitting of the People’s Majlis for the Year – Source

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