Maldives Calendar (2014 update): Holidays, Academic, Awareness Days & Special Days

mvcalendar-150x150px.jpgThe Maldives Calendar for 2014 has been updated.  These include the Maldives Holidays, Maldives Academic Calendar and the Maldives Awareness Days & Special Days in the following formats.

Use these calendars at your own risk. Please do leave a comment if you notice any issues and I will try to correct them as soon as I can.

To subscribe, click on the appropriate link below on your computer or smart phone. iCAL link (iCalendar format) should work for most.

Maldives Holidays (Includes 2014 Update)


Maldives Awareness Days & Special Days (Includes 2014 Update)

Source: Calendar 2014 (Novelty Printers & Publishers)

Maldives Academic Calendar (Includes 2014 Update)

Source: Academic Calendar (Ministry of Education)

Update Log

  • Updated as of January 17, 2014 with no known conflicts

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