Hello 2019

Greetings. I have decided to make some changes on how I manage and publish MV Calendars hosted free and publicly on Google Calendars.

First, I will not be publishing a new blog post for yearly updates but rather, may just tweet on @mvcalendar or @fayid. The same applies to any changes or updates that I may make.

This is to save time.

Second, I will try to encourage users to use these calendar in the best use case possible. That is to subscribe to them to your calendar application. By doing so, you will need to just subscribe it once and forget it – no more maintenance required; no need to download it yearly. They will be automatically synced to your accounts and therefore the devices that you have synced your accounts to. They will be synced as long as I keep updating them 😉 .

The idea is to make these calendars perpetual.


Right-click to copy the calendar link and then paste to subscribe it to your calendar application. Have a look here.

Scroll below and do this.

Calendar Preview

When done correctly, you should have three calendars subscribed.

  1. Maldives Holidays Calendar
  2. Maldives Academic Calendar
  3. Maldives Awareness and Special Days Calendar

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