Speech Sound – Official Launching of WARF Submarine Cable

The official launching of the WARF submarine fibre-optic cable was held at Dharubaaruge on 15th March 2007 at 0930hrs. WARF Telecom International Pvt. Ltd. is a consortium comprising of Wataniya, Reliance Communications and Focus Infocomm. The event was organized by Think. Primary sound requirements were for a Speech Sound inclusive of a video presentation. The […]

Sound Reinforcement – Anchor Milk Promotion

Sound reinforcement for this project required that the sound be not too loud but listenable and was designed only for the seating area of the Alimas Ufaa Carnival stage. One band – Amazon Jade, dance troops and an aerobics performance from Heat was on stage. After setting and tuning up the master sound, Heat’s aerobics […]

Input List for Sound Reinforcement

I have posted this Microsoft Excel workbook (.xls) in the interest of enhancing communication between the artists/bands and the sound team. This will help in the communication of requirements in a standardized manner. Please download Input List.xls below from the download link. Then fill in the cells shaded in Yellow. This is the minimum requirement […]

Sound Reinforcement for Rhythmic Prophecies (US Jazz Ambassadors)

Rhythmic Prophecies – a latin-jazz trio from the USA performed on the 28th & 29th of November 2006 in Dharubaaruge (Faashanaa Maalam) at 2100hrs. Percussionist Reinaldo De Jesus, Bassist Luques Curtis and Pianist Zaccai Curtis kept the audiences grooving with their powerful beats and mind bending solos. They also conducted workshops on latin rhythms from […]