Dynamics Explained: Instrument Context

The application of dynamics may well be the most misunderstood and therefore neglected aspect of a performance, especially here in the Maldives.

This article was inspired by a comment from Faya. Hence, this is the first part of a series of tutorials, in my attempt to explain dynamics in the contexts of:

  • Instrument Context (individual dynamics)
  • Band Context
  • Sound Context

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Audacity – Audio Editing Software (FOSS)

Audacity-Screenshot-150x150.pngAudacity is an audio editing software that is free, open-source and runs on Mac OS, Linux & Windows operating systems.  It is a great tool for audio enthusiasts, who wish to get into the basics of audio editing and processing, without spending a dime.

It offers Equalization, compression, fades, tempos, and other basic tools to get you started.  The GUI looks childish, however its performance is not.  Audacity also supports addition plugins and libraries.

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Q: Should I Record in Stereo or Mono?

Lately, this has been a recurring question that I get asked.  So, I thought I’ll blog it to clear up the misconception for audio enthusiasts.

In this case, Stereo and Mono refer to Stereo or Mono Tracks.  Recording a Mono source onto a Stereo Track does not automatically make it “stereo”, nor does it serve any useful purpose.  It will merely add to the file size and unnecessary processor loads.  This will be the same as duplicating a mono track.  Making program material stereo is a part of the Mixing Process in which, a stereo image is created and balanced.  It is easier and a better practice to create a stereo image using mono channels.

To the contrary, if the content is from multiple sources (such as a choir, audience or room reverberation), then recording them with two or more mic sources into respective channels, would be the norm.

Maldives Academic & Holidays Calendar (2010)

I’ve updated the Maldives Academic and Holidays Calendar (as a dynamic Google Calendar) for the year 2010.  For those who have been using them from 2009, you need not do anything further – it’s a continuation.  For those who wish to subscribe anew, click the appropriate link below to subscribe.

Use at your own risk and please do let me know if there are any errors or changes.

Maldives Academic Calendar (2010)

Maldives Holidays (2010)

Source: http://www.moe.gov.mv/v3/moe/media/581.pdf

Sound Reinforcement for Derdian

Derdian-150x150.pngDerdian, a power metal band from Milan, Italy, performed in Bandos Island Resort, on the 22nd of November 2009.  They performed for a special VIP audience at a private function.  They were accompanied by their producer / engineer.

My job was to configure and tune the system and help out their producer in FOH mixing, to cater for the requirements of the client.

Live / Tour Sound Company: Island Music, Maldives.
Team: Hambe, Kudoo, Sharuwan, Unaish and I

Sound Reinforcement for V14 Summit

The V14 Summit as it was know, was held from 8th through 9th of November 2009 in Bandos Island Resort.  The show included cultural acts including school girls and boys, accompanied by a traditional drummers and accompanying artists.

The V14 or the V11 was a pre-summit arranged for a carbon neutrality pledge, in preparation for the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009.

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Sound Reinforcement for Oman Air Launching Ceremony

Oman Air’s launch party was held on the 28th of October 2009 in Olhuveli.  I would gladly rate this event, as the Event of the Year, in terms of performance.

The event featured a repertoire of superb artistes, who were very fitting for the occasion.  It was very refreshing to see performances of very professional artiste, who really kept the VIP audience glued to their seats.

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Sound Reinforcement for Nu Virgos (Via Gra)

Nu Virgos (outside Russia) also known as Via Gra, performed in Bandos on 15th October 2009, at a private function of a visiting VIP.  In Ukranian, VIA stands for Vocal Instrument Ensemble (in Ukranian) and GRA means “game”.

The trio performed live to a playback.  The band was accompanied by its producer and sound engineer.

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Sound Reinforcement for Nikita

Nikita, performed in Bandos on the 8th of October 2009,at a private function of a visiting VIP.  The duo performed live to a playback.

The band was accompanied by their Producer and Engineer.

My job was to configure and tune up the system to the requirements of the client, who wanted the sound tune to a particular taste.

Live / Tour Sound Company: Island Music, Maldives.
Team: Hambe, Kudoo, Mahin and I