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Email pending posts is a WordPress plugin that I wrote, which will email a notification to the admin email of the blog, when a post’s status has been changed from DRAFT to PENDING.  This may be a useful feature for moderated multi-author WordPress blogs, wherein contributors may write and SUBMIT FOR REVIEW, for a user with publication privileges to publish the post. Download and Instructions inside…

Sound Reinforcement for E’ku E’kee (by 1984) Album Launch

E’ku E’kee” – 1984’s debut album launch was held in the Dhoshimeynaa Maalam of Dharubaaruge, on the 18th of August 2009.  The project comprised of two sessions, one for invitees and VIPs and the rest for ticket holders.

Shiuz opened the event with an appealing repertoire.  This event attracted a limited but niche audience, who seemed to appreciate originality.

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Guitar Tone Tutorial

This tutorial will help you get the maximum tonal depth and dynamics for your guitar or bass, just by identifying the optimal output volumes.

This article assumes that you are competent in your playing skills at a moderate level.  If not, the following tutorial might not work for you. Read to get your tone right…

Sound Reinforcement for Kula Yelo

Kula Yelo was held in Sultan Park on 7th August 2009. It was a small scale cozy event for the launch of the Kula Yellow album. Kula Yellow is the brain child of Ishantey with his own style of song writing that he has named “Dinba Music“.

The event also featured video premiers of Fa’thu, Fasylive, Traphic Jam, Trio.

Many artists played at the event lead by Shiuz. The main line up included: Shiuz, Faya, Adhuham and Sapey, joined in by the rest of the “Dinba” family.

Live / Tour Sound Company: Island Music, Maldives.
Team: Hambe, Kudoo, Sharuwan and I

Missed Calls for the President

Screenshot from my phone

Ever wondered what happens to missed-calls for the President? I just had to blog about this.

Well, quite I few end up on my voice-mail box or on my phone as SMS-text. It is quite distracting when I am busy; and quite entertaining when I’m in the mood for some fun.

During the presidential election of 2008, it got so bad that I had use a call blocker to block-off repeating callers. Strangest of all, they want to know who I am when I tell them that they’ve got a wrong number. They seem to be pretty convinced that they are indeed calling H. E. the President himself!

On a more positive note, I am continuously updated on the happenings in my voice-mail box; from the political dramas to crisis situations to personal praises and dilemmas!

Fix for iPhone Syncing to a Mac

Here’s a fix that worked for me for an error that I got, while trying to sync an iPhone 3G to a macbook.

It was syncing 100% when out of the blue one day (on an important and a busy day) I get this error on iTunes saying:

iTunes cannot sync information with the «iPhone Name» because syncing has been disabled on this computer. Do you want to enable syncing?

When I tried to enable sync, the error message was

Syncing cannot be enabled on this computer

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Maldives Academic & Holidays Calendar Shared (2009)

This post may be out of date. Please visit:

I’ve shared the Maldives Academic and Holidays Calendars as a Google Calendar for 2009. Any one could subscribe to it. Try it! Personally, I feel that dynamic calendar feeds are more appropriate for this day and age than a static .pdf. It would be highly rewarding for the government websites to implement subscription features. Read and use dynamic calendars…

Sound Reinforcement for SPEED

SPEED was a product level music concert by Dhiraagu to relaunch their broadband internet packages. Trio, Mezzo and performed from 2030hrs till 0015hrs. The event was organized by Artline.

This was the first time that a proper monitor mixer was used to monitor the sound for the musicians on stage in Maldives, by a local company. We used a SPIRIT Monitor 2 on stage. Continue reading “Sound Reinforcement for SPEED”

Sound Reinforcement for Bounce 2007

_bounce.jpgBounce was held on 22nd of November 2007 in Kuda Bandos. The event DJ Kina and DJ Gavin from Australia. Prior to this finale event they also conducted workshops.

I could here the difference in their samples – they were really good! Another difference that I’m beginning to notice with professional DJs is that the consistency in the levels of their mixing. My guess is that it’s not only in the recorded materials nor is it there metering alone, it’s a bit of everything and most importantly their critical listening ability. Once set, it remains like that.
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