Maldives Academic & Holidays Calendars Shared

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Here are two indispensable calendars that I need when I plan my schedules. I consider them to be fundamental as all my schedules (including personal, business, schooling, etc.) usually have to revolve around these dates. Hence, I thought I’d share them.   Continue reading “Maldives Academic & Holidays Calendars Shared”

iGTD (I Get Things Done) and iCal for Mac

I was looking for something more power than iCal to manage multiple calendars, with multiple tasks by Calendar and I found iGTD. Initially, iCal seemed just fine (especially if you manage a few calendars with a few ToDos).

However, I felt that I was being very limited by it’s interface when entering a lot of tasks. Also, there’s no way to handle tasks than become mini-projects or big-projects. After a while, the ToDos on iCal gets very busy and cluttered when it tries to auto-sort into “today”, “tomorrow” and dates.
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Speech / Presentation Sound: Canon Product Launch

Canon via its distributor Simdi, officially launched their digital printers and cameras at an event held at Dharubaaruge on 30th October 2007. The event basically called for a speech and presentation level of sound, followed by a live DJ for lounge music. The event was organized by Think.
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Meeting on Regulation on Copyright 2007

I was invited to participate in a focus group, to give input and feedback on the proposed Regulation on Copyright 2007, by the National Bureau of Classification, under the Ministry of Information. On the whole, there was general consensus that the draft was satisfactory except for a few considerations. As of this writing, the draft has not been made public and hence, I cannot publish its contents as yet.
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Sound Reinforcement for DUST

dust.jpgDUST (Dhives Underground Sound Test) by Associated Future Artists of Dhivehi Underground (AFADU), was held in Kuda Bandos on the 3rd of August 2007.

It was a DJ event portraying the talents of quite a few DJs from Maldives. Unlike most other DJ events that I have witnessed here in the Maldives, I was able to sense of genre and individualism in each of the DJs, which was really cool. The DJs included Ammu, Manal, Manko, Muku and Cubu.

Overall, the turn out was good.

Live / Tour Sound Company: Island Music, Maldives.
Team: Hambe, Ahmed and I

Sound Reinforcement for Jamming for the Islands

jammingfortheislands.jpgJamming for the Islands was a concert organized to coincide with the worldwide Live Earth event held on 7th July 2007. A total of thirteen bands performed including Shiuz, Out-of-Doors, Ignorant Acoustics, 1984, 7th Floor, Amazon Jade, Zero Degree Atoll, Clef Band, Traphic Jam, Anil, Damned, Nothnegal.
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Sound Reinforcement for Runway 2007

Runway 2007 was held on the 8th of June 2007 at Alimas Carnival Stage. Organized by Pro Models, it was mainly a fashion event. Scores of Flair opened the night followed by Nic & Nicole performing between the fashion slots. 70’s Poster band featuring Thothi & Zara performed a contrasting repertoire and Fasy Live finished off the event with a rocking performance.
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Sound Reinforcement for Unleashed Live

unleashedlive.jpgUnleashed Live was held at Kuda Bandos on the 3rd of June 2007. The four-girl vocal quartet performed a wide repertoire of hits. Two Maldivian DJs, DJ Vifaq and DJ Umar set the mood for the night and kept the crowd on their toes. The sound was tuned to maximize the thump necessary for such a repertoire.

Live / Tour Sound Company: Island Music, Maldives.
Team: Hambe, Ahmed and I