Sound Reinforcement for Artists for Road Safety

_roadsafetypass.jpgArtists for Road Safety was held on the 27th of April 2007 at the Artificial Beach Rostrum. A total of 9 bands and 3 DJs performed in the event. Business Image Group coordinated the event. It was a joint effort by the UN and the Government of Maldives.
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Speech Sound – Official Launching of WARF Submarine Cable

The official launching of the WARF submarine fibre-optic cable was held at Dharubaaruge on 15th March 2007 at 0930hrs. WARF Telecom International Pvt. Ltd. is a consortium comprising of Wataniya, Reliance Communications and Focus Infocomm. The event was organized by Think. Primary sound requirements were for a Speech Sound inclusive of a video presentation. The event was broadcast live on TVM and VOM.
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Sound Reinforcement – Anchor Milk Promotion

Sound reinforcement for this project required that the sound be not too loud but listenable and was designed only for the seating area of the Alimas Ufaa Carnival stage. One band – Amazon Jade, dance troops and an aerobics performance from Heat was on stage.

After setting and tuning up the master sound, Heat’s aerobics team had a rehearsal. After that it was the band’s sound check. There were no rehearsals for any dance troops.
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Sound Reinforcement for Collina for Tsunami Victims

I was called to engineer the sound at Collina for Tsunami Victims held on the 7th of January 2007 at the National Stadium, Male’, Maldives. The event was organized by Haveeru Daily and was broadcast live on TV, radio and on web stream. A mixed line-up from Atoll Records performed two songs – one a theme song for the event and “Mithuraa”.
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Sound Reinforcement for Flora Band

Flora band (from Moscow) performed at a private VVIP function. My job was to coordinate their sound requirements and make sure everything was as per what they requested. We were requested to be on available on site but, they had their engineers with them. Their engineer told me that Flora Band is one of the top commercial bands in Russia. Certainly they were great musicians, played really tight and right.

Here’s something that I learnt: “Ras Va Three…” hope I got the spelling right. I heard this a lot during their sound check I was told that it is “One, Two, Three” in Russian.

Live / Tour Sound Company: Island Music, Maldives.
Team: Hambe, Shaam, Ibbe and I

Input List for Sound Reinforcement

I have posted this Microsoft Excel workbook (.xls) in the interest of enhancing communication between the artists/bands and the sound team. This will help in the communication of requirements in a standardized manner.

Please download Input List.xls below from the download link. Then fill in the cells shaded in Yellow. This is the minimum requirement that needs to be communicated to the sound team. In addition, indicating the number of point sockets required on stage will also help the electrician or the sound team to cater for them.

Please let me know your thoughts by commenting here on how to this could be improved further.

File Updated as of 25th June 2013.

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Sound Reinforcement for Rhythmic Prophecies (US Jazz Ambassadors)

Rhythmic Prophecies – a latin-jazz trio from the USA performed on the 28th & 29th of November 2006 in Dharubaaruge (Faashanaa Maalam) at 2100hrs. Percussionist Reinaldo De Jesus, Bassist Luques Curtis and Pianist Zaccai Curtis kept the audiences grooving with their powerful beats and mind bending solos.

They also conducted workshops on latin rhythms from 1000hrs to 1200hrs on the 28th and, 1000hrs to 1300hrs on the 29th. The workshops were very lively and participants included kids, teenagers and adults – mostly local musicians. About 30 participants registered for the workshops through National Centre for the Arts (NCA).
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Sound Reinforcement for YES Campaign’s show

The YES Campaign’s music show was held in Dharumavantha School on the 24th and 25th November 2006.

At the planning meeting, I requested for the input lists of the bands via email and got sketchy details prior to the event. The weather was bad and there were massive delays in the work flow as the stage was not completed on time. The bands had access to the stage, just a couple of hours before the event and the sound check was called off at the last-minute, at the request of the organizers. It seems that the exhibitors complained about the loud sound.
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Redhan Sound Reinforcement

Redhan_soundpass.jpgRedhan organized by MCs Event Management Group in association with Maldives Surfing Association was held in Kuda Bandos on the 24th of August 2006. The sound setup initially was designed for an audience of 2000 pax and to cater for a live band and three DJs.  

Initially I planned to have two tunings for the master sound, one for the live band and one for the DJs. However, due to massive delays with co-ordination and with bad weather, the live band was cancelled last minute and only the DJs performed. Continue reading “Redhan Sound Reinforcement”

I’m on

With my continued interest in photography, although with long breaks, I have started taking photographs with my recently purchased Canon 350D. Generally I am quite happy with the camera although I would like to have better lenses soon.

Then a friend recommended that I try and upload my photos to So here is my page on flickr. Please have a look and feel free to leave your comments.

It is motivating know that some of my photos made it to Explore – a selection of the Top 500 photographs selected each day out of approximately half a Million photos uploaded each day.

fayid. Get yours at

Update as of 1st Jan 2010:  I have sold my Canon 350D and demoted myself to a Canon G7.  I just don’t have the time for photography and did not want to hold onto a camera that is going to be superseded by new models every couple of months.