Played for FASY LIVE

FASY_performer_pass.jpgFaseeh called me sometime in the November of 2005 and asked me if I could play some bass for him for his up coming concert. Initially, I was reluctant as I have been very out of touch as I haven’t played my bass regularly for a very long time – something like 6 years or so. However, after some discussion, he persuaded me into it. With some further discussion as for the timing of the concert, we set the date for 16th February 2006 some time in November 2005. Continue reading “Played for FASY LIVE” was test launched on 20th November 2005. Initially I started this as an experiment, not sure if it would attract any attention and planned myself to tune up the site at my own pace. I did initially mention about this to about ten friends. Within the next fourteen days, I was awstruck when I found out that more than thirty users have registered on this site! This meant to me that I had hit on something that there was a lot of demand for. But I did not know what it was.

Indian Idol Sound Reinforcement Project

IndianIdol_soundpass.jpgI was invited by Island Music to plan and execute the sound re-inforcement project for the Indian Idol Show in Maldives, which was held on 10th November 2005. The event was organized by

Indian Idols ranking 1st – Abhijeet Sawant, 3rd – Rahul Vaidya, 4th – Prajakta Shukre and 5th – Ravinder Ravi performed in this one night event.

Preparations totalled a duration of 17 days from the first task to dismantling. This excludes minor pre-planning meetings and discussions. This project had a team of 15 members, mostly from Island Music which was headed by Hambe. Continue reading “Indian Idol Sound Reinforcement Project”

Wataniya Launch: Sound Re-inforcement Project

WoW_soundpass.jpgThe Wataniya (Maldives) official launching ceremony was marked by “WOW!” – a concert organized by Artline Maldives. This concert was hosted by MTV’s VJ Nikhil. The concert featured top local bands like Amazon Jade, Mezzo, Sultans, and dances by Theatre Mirage. In addition to that, a laser-show was performed by a team from Singapore. It was held on the 5th of August 2005 in Alimas Carnival at 21:30hrs.   Continue reading “Wataniya Launch: Sound Re-inforcement Project”

Hilton Opening: Sound & Lights

While I was on a semester break – due to the smog in South-East Asia, I came across an interesting project – Hilton Maldives’ (at Rangali Island) opening ceremony.

Via a mutual I came into contact with Edgar, who was the F&B Manager there. Hilton had planned a very visual and exciting opening ceremony but had problems sourcing resources and professional services to be subcontracted. One such area was the sound reinforcement for the opening ceremony. Continue reading “Hilton Opening: Sound & Lights”

No Limits at “The Happening”


The Happening was one of the premier music events that ran as a series for quite a number of years. Initially organized by Club Valencia as a fund raising event, it soon portrayed leading bands and was transformed into THE music event at that time.

Our band was called “No Limits” and had a young and energetic audience who could associate with our band-sound. We played mostly our originals, some of which which was recorded but never released. Sadly, this was the last No Limits performance of this line-up – the band disbanded due to differences among us.