Audacity – Audio Editing Software (FOSS)

Audacity-Screenshot-150x150.pngAudacity is an audio editing software that is free, open-source and runs on Mac OS, Linux & Windows operating systems.  It is a great tool for audio enthusiasts, who wish to get into the basics of audio editing and processing, without spending a dime.

It offers Equalization, compression, fades, tempos, and other basic tools to get you started.  The GUI looks childish, however its performance is not.  Audacity also supports addition plugins and libraries.

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iGTD (I Get Things Done) and iCal for Mac

_iGTDI was looking for something more power than iCal to manage multiple calendars, with multiple tasks by Calendar and I found iGTD. Initially, iCal seemed just fine (especially if you manage a few calendars with a few ToDos).

However, I felt that I was being very limited by it’s interface when entering a lot of tasks. Also, there’s no way to handle tasks than become mini-projects or big-projects. After a while, the ToDos on iCal gets very busy and cluttered when it tries to auto-sort into “today”, “tomorrow” and dates.
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