Maldives Academic & Holidays Calendar (2010)

I’ve updated the Maldives Academic and Holidays Calendar (as a dynamic Google Calendar) for the year 2010.  For those who have been using them from 2009, you need not do anything further – it’s a continuation.  For those who wish to subscribe anew, click the appropriate link below to subscribe. Use at your own risk […]

Email Pending Posts – WordPress Plugin

Email pending posts is a WordPress plugin that I wrote, which will email a notification to the admin email of the blog, when a post’s status has been changed from DRAFT to PENDING.  This may be a useful feature for moderated multi-author WordPress blogs, wherein contributors may write and SUBMIT FOR REVIEW, for a user […]

Maldives Academic & Holidays Calendar Shared (2009)

This post may be out of date. Please visit: I’ve shared the Maldives Academic and Holidays Calendars as a Google Calendar for 2009. Any one could subscribe to it. Try it! Personally, I feel that dynamic calendar feeds are more appropriate for this day and age than a static .pdf. It would be highly […]

Maldives Academic & Holidays Calendars Shared

This post may be out of date. Please visit: Here are two indispensable calendars that I need when I plan my schedules. I consider them to be fundamental as all my schedules (including personal, business, schooling, etc.) usually have to revolve around these dates. Hence, I thought I’d share them.  

Input List for Sound Reinforcement

I have posted this Microsoft Excel workbook (.xls) in the interest of enhancing communication between the artists/bands and the sound team. This will help in the communication of requirements in a standardized manner. Please download Input List.xls below from the download link. Then fill in the cells shaded in Yellow. This is the minimum requirement […]