Missed Calls for the President

Screenshot from my phone
Screenshot from my phone

Ever wondered what happens to missed-calls for the President? I just had to blog about this.

Well, quite I few end up on my voice-mail box or on my phone as SMS-text. It is quite distracting when I am busy; and quite entertaining when I’m in the mood for some fun.

During the presidential election of 2008, it got so bad that I had use a call blocker to block-off repeating callers. Strangest of all, they want to know who I am when I tell them that they’ve got a wrong number. They seem to be pretty convinced that they are indeed calling H. E. the President himself!

On a more positive note, I am continuously updated on the happenings in my voice-mail box; from the political dramas to crisis situations to personal praises and dilemmas!

I’m on flickr.com

With my continued interest in photography, although with long breaks, I have started taking photographs with my recently purchased Canon 350D. Generally I am quite happy with the camera although I would like to have better lenses soon.

Then a friend recommended that I try and upload my photos to flickr.com. So here is my page on flickr. Please have a look and feel free to leave your comments.

It is motivating know that some of my photos made it to Explore – a selection of the Top 500 photographs selected each day out of approximately half a Million photos uploaded each day.

fayid. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr

Update as of 1st Jan 2010:  I have sold my Canon 350D and demoted myself to a Canon G7.  I just don’t have the time for photography and did not want to hold onto a camera that is going to be superseded by new models every couple of months.