Sound Reinforcement for Nu Virgos (Via Gra)

Nu Virgos (outside Russia) also known as Via Gra, performed in Bandos on 15th October 2009, at a private function of a visiting VIP.  In Ukranian, VIA stands for Vocal Instrument Ensemble (in Ukranian) and GRA means “game”. The trio performed live to a playback.  The band was accompanied by its producer and sound engineer.

Email Pending Posts – WordPress Plugin

Email pending posts is a WordPress plugin that I wrote, which will email a notification to the admin email of the blog, when a post’s status has been changed from DRAFT to PENDING.  This may be a useful feature for moderated multi-author WordPress blogs, wherein contributors may write and SUBMIT FOR REVIEW, for a user […]

Sound Reinforcement for E’ku E’kee (by 1984) Album Launch

“E’ku E’kee” – 1984’s debut album launch was held in the Dhoshimeynaa Maalam of Dharubaaruge, on the 18th of August 2009.  The project comprised of two sessions, one for invitees and VIPs and the rest for ticket holders. Shiuz opened the event with an appealing repertoire.  This event attracted a limited but niche audience, who […]

Maldives Academic & Holidays Calendar Shared (2009)

This post may be out of date. Please visit: I’ve shared the Maldives Academic and Holidays Calendars as a Google Calendar for 2009. Any one could subscribe to it. Try it! Personally, I feel that dynamic calendar feeds are more appropriate for this day and age than a static .pdf. It would be highly […]

Maldives Academic & Holidays Calendars Shared

This post may be out of date. Please visit: Here are two indispensable calendars that I need when I plan my schedules. I consider them to be fundamental as all my schedules (including personal, business, schooling, etc.) usually have to revolve around these dates. Hence, I thought I’d share them.