Sound Workshop ’11

The Sound Workshop ’11, was held on the 19th, 20th & 21st of September 2011 in the Youth Centre (MCSE).  The event was organized by Alliance française de Male’ and Island Music, in Male’, Maldives.

The Event

The main aim of this event was to exchange knowledge, in related disciplines, via theoretical presentations and hands-on experiences, on what it takes to get a better sound.  The program included detailed presentations, live-demonstrations and opened a great networking opportunity, so that, via this network, knowledge can be shared at a personal level.

It was an intensive 3-day workshop with more than 86 registered participants and an attendance rate over 70 pax per day.  Johann Berby conducted master classes on rhythms, grooves and techniques, while Théo Croix demonstrated sound phenomena live.   Continue reading “Sound Workshop ’11”

Enchanteur Maldives Film Awards 2011 :: Sound Reinforcement Maldives Film Awards 2011 was held on the 4th of July 2011, and was attended by H. E. President Nasheed as the chief guest, accompanied by Madam Laila.  It is the premier awards event for the small but vibrant local film industry, held by the Maldives Film Association. The event was sponsored by Enchanteur and managed by High Rise Pvt. Ltd.

The ceremony included performances by top local talents such as Unoosha and Ravi (and dancers), and also included a performance by Benny Dayal, who frequently sings for A. R. Rahman.  In addition, the event also featured a spectacular lazer display, curated by Shamin of Beam On.   Continue reading “Enchanteur Maldives Film Awards 2011 :: Sound Reinforcement”

Fête de la Musique 2011 (Maldives) :: Sound Reinforcement

Esa performing at Fête de la Musique 2011 – Maldives

Fête de la Musique (World Music Day) 2011 was held on the 30th of June, 2011, in Muniufaa premises.  This is the third such event, held annually, by Alliance français, in Malé, Maldives.

The core-values of Fête de la Musique is said to be, to cerebrate music on the streets by both amateur and professionals alike.

However, these values have yet to take hold here in the Maldives, due to space constraints and lack of related cultural significances.  Nevertheless, it is now becoming an upcoming platform especially for young and upcoming bands to display there talents.  Continue reading “Fête de la Musique 2011 (Maldives) :: Sound Reinforcement”

Wataniya Anniversary Dinner 2011 :: Sound Reinforcement

Wataniya Anniversary Dinner 2011

The Wataniya (Maldives) Anniversary Dinner was held on 6th March 2011. The dinner was in an “ice” themed hall, that featured an awards ceremony, debut of Rhythm In Peace (RIP) – a vocal duo, a DJ, Haisham’s trio, video messages and presentations.

I should note here that RIP was unheard of, prior to this event.  However, they performed quite well, considering it was their debut performance.  They performed their original tracks to well choreographed dance routines, and their vocals were live.  Bravo! for a good start.

Live / Tour Sound Company: Island Music, Maldives.
Team: Ammi, Hambe, Kudoo, Mahin and I

Maldives Beach Games – Logo Launching Ceremony :: Sound Reinforcement

Maldives Beach Games Logo Launching Ceremony

Maldives Beach Games – Logo Launching Ceremony, was held on 10th February 2011 in Kulhivaru Ekuveni at 2100. The Chief Guest of the ceremony was Hon. Sanath Jayasuriya who was accompanied by the Vice President of Maldives H. E. Dr. Mohammed Waheed Hassan and Human Resources, Youth & Sports Minister Hon. Hassan Latheef.

The Chief Guest and VIPs were escorted into the venue by Dhammaau bodu-beru troop afterwhich, speeches were given by the Olympic Committee President Mr. Ibrahim Imsail Ali, Hon. Hassan Latheef and a few words by Hon. Sanath Jayasurira. The official launching was symbolized when Longey was lowered onto the stage and blew into a Sangu (Conch Shell), which is a traditional call for attention. Continue reading “Maldives Beach Games – Logo Launching Ceremony :: Sound Reinforcement”

Marcia Barrett of Boney M :: Sound Reinforcement

Marcia Barrett performing in Dharubaaruge, Maldives.
Marcia Barrett performing in Dharubaaruge, Maldives.

Marcia Barrett (of Boney M) performed in Male’, Maldives on the 26th of April 2010, accompanied by two back-up vocalists, dancers and a percussionist.  The performance was held at Dharubaaruge.

An enthusiastic and lively audience of about 700 pax sang along and cheered for Boney M classics.

The event was hosted by the Government of Maldives after a failed attempt by a private company to hold Mega International Music Fiesta, which was planned for 14th April 2010.

Unoosha (with Barchie, Umar and a DJ) headlined for Marcia.

Live / Tour Sound Company: Island Music, Maldives.
Team: Hambe, Kudoo, Mahin, Sharuwan, Unaish and I

Sound Reinforcement for Derdian

Derdian-150x150.pngDerdian, a power metal band from Milan, Italy, performed in Bandos Island Resort, on the 22nd of November 2009.  They performed for a special VIP audience at a private function.  They were accompanied by their producer / engineer.

My job was to configure and tune the system and help out their producer in FOH mixing, to cater for the requirements of the client.

Live / Tour Sound Company: Island Music, Maldives.
Team: Hambe, Kudoo, Sharuwan, Unaish and I

Sound Reinforcement for V14 Summit

The V14 Summit as it was know, was held from 8th through 9th of November 2009 in Bandos Island Resort.  The show included cultural acts including school girls and boys, accompanied by a traditional drummers and accompanying artists.

The V14 or the V11 was a pre-summit arranged for a carbon neutrality pledge, in preparation for the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009.

Continue reading “Sound Reinforcement for V14 Summit”

Sound Reinforcement for Oman Air Launching Ceremony

Oman Air’s launch party was held on the 28th of October 2009 in Olhuveli.  I would gladly rate this event, as the Event of the Year, in terms of performance.

The event featured a repertoire of superb artistes, who were very fitting for the occasion.  It was very refreshing to see performances of very professional artiste, who really kept the VIP audience glued to their seats.

Continue reading “Sound Reinforcement for Oman Air Launching Ceremony”